"The Capitol Theater at the Renwick Gallery in Washington DC" for client 'Five Ton Crane Arts Collective'  in Oakland, CA.

"Building the Capitol Theater in 7 Minutes" for the client 'Five Ton Crane Arts Collective' in Oakland, CA.

Reality Show Concept Trailer for abandoned Doc Reality Show called 'The Player with Cal Ripken Jr' [co-hosted by billy Ripken]
Post Production App: Adobe Premiere

Promotional Video 'Rolling Through the Bay' featuring San Francisco Toothpick Artist Scott Weaver.

Post Production App: Final Cut Pro X

Digital Story for 3D Systems Corp. which tells the story of a young artist who uses her talent and 3d Printing to turn a personal tragedy into a triumph of expression.

Post Production App: Adobe premiere CC

An online promotional video for the exceptional live performers known as 'the bachelor boys band'.

Post production app: adobe premiere cc

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